Anti-Hair Loss Serum
Strengthens and moisturises

Thanks to trichoserum (plant serum), which combines saw palmetto extract and hydrolysed wheat protein with a phyto-active complex (based on germinated wheat and soya seeds,  A, B3, B7, E, F, H vitamins, pro-vitamin B5 and ginseng extract), Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Serum is the best and most effective option for fighting hair loss and regulating and repairing hair, increasing its density. It increases hair regeneration after a period of 3 to 6 months. Tested anti-hair loss effectiveness of more than 83%.

Invigorates and strengthens the hair.
Fights hair loss and increases density, nourishing and moisturising it from the root.

Net content: 7 bottles with a 12 ml double dose (6 ml + 6 ml)