At the Instituto NaturVita we believe in Nature and natural things

Our team consists of professionals working every day to offer you the best products and the best service.

We have a team committed to a working philosophy which, as far as possible, respects the Environment, because we believe in the wisdom of Nature.
It is the Nature which offers us the most important components for the products we research, develope and produce. That’s why, we believe that caring for it and respecting it, its environments and its resources, is a natural thing.

We would like you to enjoy our NaturVital products and the benefits they offer you every day due to our effort and dedication.

If you have a query you can contact us at:

Instituto Naturvita, S.L.
Apartado de Correos 178 – 08100 Mollet del Vallès– Barcelona.
Tel.:   935 706 292